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Activity Log For: 05/07/2023 - RD / 8:30AM Private Charter - 3 tank
Current:Mod on Spiegel / none on the reefs
Wind:E 15-18
Dive Site:Spiegel / French / Snapper
Sea Temp:76 on Spiegel 81 on reefs
Captain's Comments:Our group from Mac's Sport had a BLAST on all their dives today even though the seas were a bit sporty! Our divers saw sharks, Goliath Grouper, Grey angels, parrot fish, and barracuda on the Spiegel. Then they had a blast in all the swim thrus on French reef where they saw turtles, yellow tail snappers, nurse sharks, and blue tangs. Then at Snapper's Ledge they saw ALL the resident snappers, wrasse, moray eels, grunts, parrot fish, blue runner, butterfly fish, cromis, raccoon butterfly, and we saw dolphins and an eagle ray on the way to the Spiegel jumping out of the water!!! Also Bernie just came in from the gruop and said he saw a mermaid (we kind of think he narc'd out) Ashley his daughter saw 2 Great White's and punched both of them (we also think she was narc'd out too) but HEY they had fun, came back safe, apparently are going to get some adult beverages but they're coming back to see us soon!!!

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