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Activity Log For: 03/07/2023 - RD / 8:30 AM Davey Crocker / Davis
Visibility:60 Ft
Wind:S5 kts
Dive Site:Davey Crocker / Davis
Sea Temp:77 degree F
Captain's Comments:What a day to go for a dive!! Day 4 now of near perfect conditions down here in the Upper Keys. We went straight out to Davis reef this morning for our first dive, Where we had 1 foot seas and awesome viz we saw Pufferfish, Hogfish, Spotted Drums, And Green Morey Eels. Then we moved over to Davie Crocker and the conditions got even better. We saw a whole bunch of of Nurse Sharks, Lionfish, Lobster and a big Southern Stingray. Spring is in full swing here so its time you book a dive with us!!!!!

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