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Activity Log For: 09/21/2022 - RD / 8:30 AM Spiegel/Snapper Ledge
Seas:2 feet
Visibility:40 feet
Current:Strong on Spiegel/Mild on Snapper Ledge
Wind:NE 10-12
Dive Site:Spiegel Grove/Snapper Ledge
Sea Temp:87 degrees F
Captain's Comments:This morning on the Spiegel Grove our divers saw barracuda, a pompano school, yellow sponge, yellowtail fish, moray eels, nurse sharks, parrot fish, rock beauty and Loggerhead Larry. At our second site, Snapper Ledge, the divers saw trumpet fish, trunk fish, goldentail eel, peterson shrimp, blenny fish, arrow crab, a small green turtle, porcupine fish, and sea urchin. What a great day to be under the water!

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