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Activity / Event
07/31/2024 - MD / 8AM Deep Reefs
Time: 8:00AM
Price: $105.00 per person
Boat / Location
Mermaid Diver [Conch Republic Divers ]




Join us for our DEEP REEF dives!

Our Deep Reed dives are especially amazing dives and a favorite here at Conch Republic Divers! 

The corals at our Deep Reef/Ledge dives are in pristine condition because they are more protected from the heat and UV rays of the summertime sun!  As well, the ledges and deep reefs off a wider biodiversity on the reefs or as our crew likes to say, "The deeper the water, the BIGGER the fish!"  It is more common to see more of the bigger fauna and marine life at or off the ledges at the deep reef.  Our deep reefs range in depth from roughly 75 ft to around 110 ft!  If you are looking for a deep dive that isn't a rusty ol' shipwreck, our deep reef and ledges, with tons of wild and amazing marinelife WILL NOT leave you disappointed but instead coming back for more!




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