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Diver W/0 Tanks - Online Booking Price - $90.00
Snorkel w/gear - Online Booking Price - $60.00
Snorkel No Gear - Online Booking Price - $55.00
Bubble Watcher - Online Booking Price - $30.00
Activity / Event
05/14/2016 - RD / 1 PM Benwood / French
Time: 1:00PM
Diver - Online Booking Price - $105.00
Boat / Location
Republic Diver [Conch Republic Divers ]

The Benwood was running without navigation lights, as required at the time due to the possibility of attack by German submarines. The 544ft tanker Robert C. Tuttle was headed in the opposite direction, also without lights. Unfortunately, both vessels veered off course. In the blackness of 1 in the morning on April 9, the Benwood's bow smashed into the port side of the Tuttle. Desperate to save his ship, the Benwood's captain deliberately grounded the stricken vessel on the reef about six miles south of The Elbow. After rescuing the crew of the Benwood, the Tuttle made it safely to port.

 Video by Fraizer Nivens of Ocean Imaging



Conch Republic Divers

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