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Diver W/0 Tanks - Online Booking Price - $90.00
Snorkel w/gear - Online Booking Price - $60.00
Snorkel No Gear - Online Booking Price - $55.00
Bubble Watcher - Online Booking Price - $30.00
Activity / Event
07/10/2016 - RD / 8:30 AM Spiegel X2
Time: 8:30AM
Diver - Online Booking Price - $105.00
Boat / Location
Republic Diver [Conch Republic Divers ]

Well do a double dip on the Wreck of the Spiegel Grove. This means we will moor up to a ball for two dives which will give those divers with technical certifications the ability to do extended time on the wreck. If you do not have technical certifications then you can do one dive, come back aboard for a minimum of 45 min surface interval, then dive the wreck again.

The 510-foot Spiegel Grove, a retired U.S. Navy Landing Ship Dock, is the largest ship ever intentionally sunk to cultivate a coral reef. The vessel was sunk on June 10, 2002, and was opened to the public on June 24, 2002. The ship lies in 130-feet of water six miles off Key Largo at 25° 04.00 N; 80° 18.65' W. Diving instructors call the Spiegel Grove a multilevel dive, meaning experienced. Advanced divers, experienced with overhead environments, can tackle interior spaces. Meanwhile, because much of the wreck is more than 80 feet above the bottom, it is visible to snorkelers and even glass-bottom boat passengers.

You will be required to have an Advanced Open Water certification or a log book that shows at least 3 dives below 80' in the last 6 months to dive this wreck.


NOTE: You must be certified Advanced Open Water diver or better to dive this wreck or have a logged 3 dives down to 80' in the last 6 months.


**Nitrox tanks must be used on all dive during this trip**

If you are not Nitrox Certified ask us about "Discover Nitrox" with one of or Instructors or take the e-learning through PADI here to get your certifcation after the dives have been completed.


Conch Republic Divers

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